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The bathrooms


For added comfort, the chalet has two bathrooms.

The bathroom adjoining the master master bedroom embodies elegance and comfort.

It is equipped with two copper sinks, adding a touch of authenticity to the space.

The large walk-in shower is not only functional but offers you a spacious relaxation area to refresh yourself after a busy day in the mountains.

A towel dryer is also at your disposal, ensuring that your towels are always soft and warm.


The second bathroom is adjacent to the other two bedrooms. 

Smaller than the first, it was designed for practicality and comfort.

It also has a large walk-in shower that will allow you to relax in an invigorating shower after your mountain adventures.

It is also equipped with a towel dryer.

These two bathrooms have been designed to offer you a practical relaxation and preparation space during your stay. 

Walk-in showers

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